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Draw reviews, add comments and incorporate changes into your design – on paper and PDFs.Write comments and make notes on drawings and PDFs of your design. Select which comments and notes should be added to your drawing.Add symbols, lines, arcs and ellipses to your drawing and import those marks from other file formats.Convert text to speech (TTS)Add notes to pictures and filesDrag text boxes in place, select text and add it to your drawingAuto-fill text boxes with the current value and settingsAdd multiple lists or columns of columnsCreate lists with patterns or gridsCreate, edit, organize, merge and delete layersCreate dynamic layers from layers in another drawingCreate, edit, organize, merge and delete groupsChange layers or group visibilityImport animation or animation clips from.avi,.wmv,.wmv2,.mov,.mpg,.mpeg,.mov,.f4v,.mkv and.mp4 filesImport 3D models from.obj,.ply and.bin filesSave time by creating a single AutoCAD drawing that contains multiple drawings and other types of contentShare drawing templates and links to work withBatch-rename drawingsDrag and drop drawings in your projectAdd drawings to a project template to reuse them in other projectsPick up information from videos and place them in your drawings.Edit parametric equations on objects and viewsView the tools list of the Windows OSCreate and switch between multiple documentsAdd custom dimension, text, scale and data fieldsAdd custom blocks from the Rapid Block LibraryAppend objects and view them with block selectCreate dynamic relationships between objects, views and drawingsAdd and configure blocks, dimensions, notes, equations, custom texts, data fields and object-oriented relationshipsCreate parametric views with alignmentCreate dynamic slices and perspectivesAdd or update map coordinates with extrusion snaps and right clicksAdd parametric layersAdd parametric linetypesAdd parametric text and complex textAdd parametric graphic stylesUpdate parametric linetype properties and backgroundsAdd parametric data fieldsAdd parametric notesAdd parametric equationsAdd parametric perspectivesAdd param 2be273e24d

AutoCAD [Win/Mac] [Updated-2022]

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