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User Managed Experiences (Video: 1:48):Customer feedback on specific experiences is now organized into different categories, each with a different template that streamlines the review process. This makes it easier to get high-level feedback and create a course of action for the next round of improvements.Roadmap Display:The roadmap lets you see what projects you’re working on next, giving you a quick view of your next steps. The roadmap also appears on the Help window, so it’s easier to find.Virtrails:A new mapping and parametric feature called Virtrails is helpful for creating areas of interest on any model.With Virtrails, you can create a range of a marker that follows the shape of an object, outline, or polyline. You can then create parameters that affect the markers appearance. You can even create simple animations of the markers to show moving.The marker is color-coded to make it easy to identify if the Virtrail is associated with a measurement or a landmark.If you hold down the SHIFT key while drawing the marker, it becomes visible and responds to the standard measurement and placement options that are also available when drawing a marker.To add a marker to a polyline, hold down the CTRL key while drawing the marker.To delete a marker, select the marker and press DEL. To remove a marker from the polyline, select the marker and press END.You can also export marker ranges into ARX (included in the AutoCAD subscription) for use in AutoCAD and other programs.Virtrails can also be used to create camera workflows, with the ability to view the effect of a parameter on the point of view or scene camera. (video: 0:56)Visual Styles:A new visual style called All Textures, works with all dialogs, tables, buttons, and labels to automatically create a stylized appearance. It also creates an improved look for tables and axes, making it easier to find and review objects.With All Textures:– All dialogs, tables, buttons, and labels are all automatically stylized to match a single visual style.– Different layers can have different appearances and behaviors.– You can choose from one of four visual styles, or create your own 2be273e24d

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