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Consulter le lexique de l'industrie du meuble
Couleur Titre_edited.jpg
Couleur Titre_edited.jpg

To participate in the promotion of French in work environments,
Bois Urbain has presented in 2021 a new lexicon
for the furniture industry in Quebec.
Easy to consult, colorful and practical, this lexicon has been developed
to provide a tool for the workers in the industry
to consolidate their knowledge of french terms
related to their field of activity.

Consulter le lexique de l'industrie du meuble

To facilitate the classification of the 200 terms selected for this lexicon, words have been separated into eleven  categories. The purpose is to identify the main terms in french, associated with factory work in the field of manufacturing of furniture.
We have chosen to focus on terms related to woodworking, which is the most widely used material in the industry.

Bois Urbain wants to promote the use of french in the work environment in Quebec, and this lexicon is a great way to help workers become more comfortable with the language.

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